Recover your identity, release emotional pain and discover your purpose!

I help women recover identity, discover their pathway to emotional healing, and find purpose.

Because your destiny can't wait.

Hi, I'm Glenda Hyde.

I am the visionary of the God-inspired ministry, Unpacking Your Purpose. I help women move forward in life by helping them to work through identity conflicts, release emotional pain, and discover their purpose.

Having walked through those same challenges described above, I obtained my post secondary education as a nontraditional student earning a Bachelor of Social Work in 2009 from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and a Master of Education in Secondary Education in 2014, from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am happily married to Alton Hyde with whom I partner in ministry, and I am the proud mother of one son, three bonus daughters and nine wonderful grandchildren. For the last 20 years, I have served as Women’s Pastor and First Lady of My Father’s House Church in Natchitoches where I am affectionately referred to as Pastor G. Preaching, teaching, counseling, and serving women has been and continues to be my passion.

Another joy of my heart is education, and I have also worked as an educator both in private and public schools for the past 12 years helping to shape young minds into tomorrow’s leaders.

In June 2021, I transitioned into full-time ministry with my husband and am fully focused on empowering women because I am persuaded that it’s time for you to live the good life that God predestined for you to live, and I’ll show you how.

Inner Healing Prayer Session

Virtual prayer sessions for inner healing are now available. These appointments are limited and must be made at least one week in advance. Questionnaires must be completed 72 hours in advance. Sessions have a 60 minute time limit, so preparation is important to ensure that the session is effective and productive. While there is no fee for the session itself, a scheduling fee is required and donations are encouraged to honor the time and preparation of the facilitator.

How We Can Connect

To help you begin moving forward!

Women’s Empowerment Community

This Facebook group is for women who enjoy connecting with other women and appreciate a place of encouragement and support. You can inspire and be inspired by sharing quotes, up-lifting messages and videos that promote spiritual, mental and physical growth and build community.

Online Courses

Visit our growing library of self-paced online courses that address a variety of topics that will empower you to move forward in life, release emotional pain, and more! These well-developed, biblically-based courses are complete with videos and activities to help empower you and push you into purpose! 

Annual Inner Healing Retreat

A holistic and intimate inner healing retreat that is designed to promote a strategic encounter with the presence of God to experience emotional healing. Attendees will receive practical teaching, unpack and release emotional pain in supportive healing circles, partake in a soaking experience, learn strategies and techniques that facilitate inner healing and more.

Women's Empowerment Live Broadcast

Listen to our 30 minute show at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. We discuss topics relevant to inner healing, identity and purpose. Join the conversation by subscribing below.

What others are saying...

Rachel S.

I really don’t know where to begin. I met Pastor G almost six years ago. She has been an inspiration since day one; providing sound advice and encouragement while causing me to do some self-evaluation. She has validated my feelings as well as redirected me whenI was wrong. She continues to offer spiritual and motherly wisdom and guidance as I continue my journey.

Kamela G.

One way Pastor G’s ministry has helped me during my healing process was first to convey how much I am loved by God, our father and that I’m accepted through His Son. She’s also helped me to identify the areas of wounding that needed to be healed. Pastor G’s compassion and love for me has truly gotten me through some rough times which has exemplified the love of Christ and the healing a daughter needs to embrace the beauty within.


Patricia B.

Mrs. Hyde is a team player, collaborator and a calm voice in any storm. She is always a listener and seeks to bring wisdom to any situation. She accepts a challenge and works tirelessly to ensure success. She is always respectful to her superiors and strives to ensure a peaceful work environment with her colleagues.

Mrs. Hyde has a true heart for people. She makes daily investments in the lives of others.

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